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Revista Română de Kinetoterapie vol 22/ nr.37/ Mai/ 2016

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Introduction The TrA stabilizes the back and back pain adversely affects the activation and endurance capacity of TrA. TrA is local and deepest muscle and abdominal drawing in test by PBU provides an indirect way of evaluating endurance capacity of TrA muscle activity which is often used by clinicians and researchers. This is across-sectional study to investigate the intra-rater and inter-rater reliability of Abdominal drawing-in test ADIT in asymptomatic individual.

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Sixty asymptomatic subjects were randomly selected for the study. The ADIT was measured for each subject with PBU by the two raters for inter-rater reliability and by one of the rater after a gap of seven days for intra-rater reliability.

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All the subjects were previously taught and compensations were corrected. The study demonstrated intra-class correlation coefficient ICC with standard error of mean SEM of and for interrater reliability and and for intrarater reliability.

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ADIT has high inter-rater and intrarater reliability in asymptomatic individuals. Transversul este un mușchi profund iar testul de vacuum abdominal cu PBU lee active motion easy fit slimming stretch o modalitate indirectă de evaluare a rezistenței transversului abdominal, fiind adeseori folosit de clinicieni și cercetători.

Este un studiu transversal având ca scop investigarea gradului de încredere al testului de vacuum abdominal ADIT la indivizii asimptomatici. Șaizeci de subiecți asimptomatici au fost selectați randomizat pentru acest studiu. ADIT s-a măsurat pentru fiecare pacient cu PBU de către doi evaluatori pentru gradul de încredere intergroup și după o săptămână s-a efectuat reevaluarea de către un singur evaluator pentru tastarea intragrup.

Toți subiecții au fost învățați anterior manevra corectă și compensațiile corectate. Studiul a demonstrat un coeficient de corelație intra-clasă ICC cu o eroare standard SEM și pentru gradul de încredere intergroup și și pentru gradul de încredere intragrup.

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ADIT are un grad mare de încredere intergroup și intragrup la pacienții asimptomatici. For load transfer stability is required throughout the entire range of motion and this is provided by the active system i. Bergmark has categorized the trunk muscles into local and global muscle systems based on their main mechanical roles in stabilization.

Anatomically, the deep muscles of the local system are capable of making a major contribution to spinal stability, being closer to the center of rotation of the spinal segments and, with their shorter muscle lengths, they are ideal for controlling intersegmental motion.

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Overlapping multisegmental muscles linking adjacent lumbar vertebrae and the sacrum, such as the lumbar multifidus, have the capacity to, and have been shown to be efficient in stabilizing the spinal segment.

The local muscles may not be able to maintain prolonged or sustained muscle contraction in order to protect continuously any unstable arde masa slabă de grăsime segments, which could leave the low back pain patient vulnerable to persistent strain and pain.

Control of this mid-range helps decrease shear forces and compression during movement and spinal loading. When working properly, the local intrinsic musculature fires before the actual motion of an extremity or trunk.

Weaknesses of these muscles decrease the person's ability to control joint neutral position during movement or under load and hence can lead to spinal instability. Tools have been designed to measure a person s ability for recruitment of the TrA muscle.

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It has been divided into clinical test and laboratory test. Clinical test involves the recruitment by palpation[13] and by PBU. Moreover with PBU, objective measurement can be done.

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Laboratory test includes ultrasound imaging measures from a pressure sensor, EMG and surface electromyography. However, this type of assessment is invasive, painful, uncomfortable, and expensive and may present the risk of infection.

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The outcome measure used is Performance index PI. The outcome measure was developed by Jull [19] in which endurance of deep cervical muscle was measured using PBU. Hence it is used to measure the endurance of TrA. These studies have evaluated only intra-rater reliability and even sample size was small. And among all the studies [] available on asymptomatic individuals and chronic back pain patients, they have measured only lee active motion easy fit slimming stretch of TrA and there is lack of literature measuring the endurance of TrA.

The systematic review done by Lima et al.

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Purpose The purpose of this study is to test the intra-rater and inter-rater reliability of ADITin asymptomatic individual by using Performance Index as outcome measure. Matherial and Methods In lee active motion easy fit slimming stretch study, 60 asymptomatic subjects were studied. Sample size was calculated based on test-retest designs, and agreement between the raters.

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According to that if assumptions kept as the observed R will be 0. Therefore 55 subjects are required. Thus, total 60 subjects were evaluated with no drop outs[26, 27]. Figure 1: Pressure Biofeedback Unit Figure 2: Stop Watch The PBU is a reliable and valid clinical instrument for assessing deep abdominal muscle function, and has been used to develop a method for the careful monitoring of lumbar stabilization[18, 19]It is also utilized in previous studies for measuring the activation of TrA.

The PBU is a simple pressure transducer consisting of a three-chamber air-filled pressure bag, a catheter and a sphygmomanometer gauge.

The pressure bag has cm in size and made from non-elastic material. The sphygmomanometer scale ranges from 0 mmhg to mmhg, with 2 mmhg intervals on the scale.

The accuracy of the apparatus is described as ± 3 mmhg.

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Movement or change in position causes volume changes in the pressure bag, which is registered by this device The outcome measure used isperformance Index PI [29]. Successful repetitionsmeans maintaining the activation score by 10s hold. According to the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 20 subjects were obtained from each college by using systematic random sampling.

Measurements were taken by the same physiotherapist on two different days with seven days interval for intra-rater reliability[30].